Ashley Labodda

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Hello! My name is Ashley Labodda, and I am a current PhD student in Philosophy at the University of Rochester, New York.

I have my BS in Biochemistry from Carroll University and MA in Philosophy from Ohio University.

(Photo Credit to Alastair Norcross)


Moral Philosophy/Moral Psychology

Metaethics- Within metaethics, I am interested in the intersection between evolutionary theory and our capacity for normative judgement. I am also interested in the significance of motivating reasons and their relation to normative, as well as other categories of reasons.

Normative Ethics- I am particularly interested in the normative significance of altruism as a desirable moral attribute of good moral character. What is altruism and why do we value it?

Biomedical Ethics- I focus on a variety of bioethical issues related, but not limited, to informed consent, organ donation, euthanasia, and health care equity and accessibility.

Philosophy of Science

Prediction and Explanation- I am interested in the predictive and explanatory force of scientific theories related to the fields of chemistry and biology, particularly Neo-Darwinian evolutionary theory.

Theory Development- I am interested in the normativity of scientific theories. What makes a good scientific theory? Are their certain attributes of theories that ought to be favored over other attributes?


Below is my CV. Last Updated April, 13th, 2024